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Every year, Lent rolls around and I decide to take on a challenge that would somehow simplify my life. Two years ago, I gave up taco Tuesday. Last year I put my Instagram addiction to a halt. My health has improved tremendously. I went hiking and even took giving up dating for lent cooking. I never realized how much time and effort dating required until Lent. Having hangover-free mornings, meant so much more quality time.

Not a joke. Then, Giving up dating for lent deleted the app. When I was growing up, neither my family nor my faith community did much in observation of Lent. Still, I have always been intrigued by Lent and its practices. I admire the discipline required to give something up, and I can see how a season of deprivation can make the anticipation of Easter more meaningful and exciting. Fasting in some way during Lent is not something that I have ever done for the sake of obligation or tradition, but last year, I decided to try a more modern Lenten fast: 40 days without dating apps. I have tried nearly all of them.

Lent is fast approaching. Are you looking for something to give up this year, especially as a Catholic single? Surrounded by friends who are dating, engaged, or married? This Lent, stop waiting for someone to send you a message to get conversation going.
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Bret Lamsma. I remember as a kid committing to giving up outlandish things for Lent like caviar, escargot, and trips to Europe. I had never eaten caviar nor escargot and had never been to Europe, so that was an easy forfeiture. Giving up or picking up something during Lent can enrich our faith practice, cultivate our sense of needing a savior, and show our families what God has accomplished for us in his death and resurrection. We draw attention to Christ's giving up dating for lent as we change our pace and make intentional changes in our lives. This week marks the beginning of the church's liturgical season called Lent. Historically, Lent is the 40 days preceding Easter, excluding Sundays. It begins with Ash Wednesday and marks a season of self-reflection on our human frailty and need for a savior. It's a period often characterized by self-denial, spiritual study, and simplicity.

While some continue this practice, now the list is endless for what people choose to abstain from during the Lent period. Many people cut out certain luxuries or indulgences in a bid to become healthier or to save money, but what should you choose this year? Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network has launched a Do1NiceThing challenge which involves doing acts of kindness for those around you in the community. The good news is, six weeks isn't that long to go without something and the time frame is a small but fixed goal. Being held accountable is a good way giving up dating for lent keep you sticking to your guns, so do the challenge with someone else, or get people to keep checking you haven't caved. The word "shrove" comes from the term "shrive", meaning to free yourself from sin. In the past, families would be encouraged to clear out their cupboards to remove the fattening foods from their houses. They needed to come up with an easy way of getting rid of temptation by throwing away their indulgent ingredients, so threw them into one simple meal.

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